27th July


Getting ready for the wedding day? Party with us to the sound of DJ Gloria (mother-of-the-bride) and warm up for the big event!

14h00 onwards — Arrival at L’AND
15h00 – Chill by the pool
19h30 – Pool-side barbeque
21h00 – DJ Gloria breaks out some beats!

28th July


This is where sh*t gets real! Lame vows and people crying all day. Celebrate our love with us.

17h00 — Cocktail
17h30 – Here comes the Bride!
18h00 — Reception
20h00 –  Dinner
23h00 — Cake

29th July


Hungover? Realized it’s almost time to go home? For those of you staying at gorgeous L’AND, console yourself with a delicious breakfast and detox by the pool…

10h00 – Breakfast (for hotel guests)
12h00 – Pool Moments

Wedding Weekend

We reserved the entire hotel for our wedding guests, and negotiated a good price, so we truly hope you seize the opportunity! It’s an incredible luxury boutique hotel, with pool/spa and vineyards (what else would you need...?) and a Michelin-star restaurant.
The price is 100EUR x person x night (2 nights, 27 & 28 July).
Please be aware that there are only a couple of rooms left.
For reservations, please email:

L’AND Vineyards, Alentejo, Portugal

Check our dream wedding destination on the map!

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Transfer to the Hotel

Guests can arrive at the hotel in a variety of ways (1 hour drive from Lisbon, or 15 hour walk). We recommend either renting a car, pairing up with another guest who is driving to L’AND, UBER (around EUR100), or join the wedding shuttle between the center of Lisbon and L’AND.
Click here if you would like to join the wedding shuttle (separate cost).

Before the Wedding


As many of you will arrive from abroad a few days earlier to the wedding, you’ll need a place to crash. Anna & Gui will be staying at an airbnb apartment in the area of Bairro Alto /Chiado. We recommend this central area, and of course it’s fun and practical if we all stay close! There are many hotels and airbnb; so feel free to stay anywhere you would like. Just make sure you book ASAP, as it is the peak of the tourism season.


Who are we kidding… the week of the wedding will be nothing but calm! People flying in from all over the world causing havoc, some early starts to the festivities… might at as well join in on the fun! Anna & Gui will arrive in Lisbon the weekend before, and there will be informal dinners organized in the evenings for those who wish to attend.

Click Here for the calendar (places/dates/times will be added shortly). Just write in your name on the days you are interested in joining (this is informal, and not binding).

Where do I go next?

Don’t know about you, but we are going on our honeymoon in Sicily! We highly recommend for those of you from abroad to get to know the incredibly scenic country side and beaches of Portugal. Here are some places you shouldn’t miss:

Next to the Hotel


A small town 10min drive from L’AND. Incredibly pretty and quaint, it`s a stunning Roman city that’s now been protected with UNESCO World Heritage Status. Make sure to visit the Roman Temple, Praça do Giraldo and the rather macabre Chapel of Bones. Eat at Tasca do Oliveira or Fidalgo. If you like wine, don’t miss the wine tours at Cartuxa Vineyards, producers of the famous “Pera Manca” wine (book the tour in advance, only twice a day).

Lisbon and Surroundings


If it’s your first time to Portugal, you’re going to love how stunning the city is! Make sure to visit the Belém Tower, explore Bairro Alto, and grab a bite at one of many typical restaurants and stalls across the city. Here are 11 amazing restaurants with the best views in Lisbon.


It’s hard not to fall head-over-heels in love with Sintra. Perched within the Sintra Mountains, this region has some of the prettiest castles in all of Europe. Around 30 minutes from the center of Lisbon, it’s pretty easy to visit for a day trip (or two). Make sure to visit: Pena Palace, Monserrate Palace, Castle of the Moors and the Palace of Sintra.
These UNESCO World Heritage Sites are just too beautiful to miss.


This historic fishing town just down the coast from the city of Lisbon is the perfect place to chill out. Explore the quaint town and the dramatic Atlantic coast.

Up North


This is the country’s second largest city and sits in the north. This hilly city is one heck of a place to visit: cobbled streets, fresh seafood and copious amounts of port wine that’ll keep you sozzled all evening! Make sure you haul yourself up to Torre dos Clérigos, discover the Ribeira area, visit the port wine sellers in the other side of the river, and chow down at the Ode Porto Wine House!


There’s no denying that Portugal has some of the best beaches in western Europe. The Algarve region is the most famous, but check the link to get an idea of the top 10 around the country!

Other Infos


The first evening, we will BBQ, eat, meet, greet, dance and catch up! For this event, we suggest a casual-chic attire. Also remember, it will probably be 40°C outside, so you may opt for a “breezy” outfit. Next day is the Big Day, so bring your “A” game. We recommend formal attire: suit & tie for men, chic dress for the ladies. Anyways, just look cool.


Some of you have asked us what to do about gifts. We realize that it’s a huge endeavor, as well as costly to travel from afar to join us; therefore we are just thrilled that you can come, hence not expecting or asking for any gifts. For those of you who absolutely insist on giving us something, you can contribute to our honeymoon fund (click here)…


Please confirm your attendance and special needs by JUNE 24, 2018.

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